I’m off to Toronto again and this time I will spend at least two days at the newly redesigned Art Gallery of Ontario on Dundas St. While Frank Gehry was unable to do anything too spectacular to the outside of the building, due possibly to limited space, the inside is another story. The galleries which now house the Group of Seven paintings are breathtaking. When I saw eight or nine large Lawren Harris mountain paintings on one long wall, each with its own sense of surrounding space, I was quite moved. “This is how it should be.” I thought.

This time around I will spend more time in the European classical and impressionist section and, of course, the Canadian areas.
Last time I focussed exclusively on twentieth century work, which included some wonderful things by contemporary Native Canadians. I will return from my 10 day jaunt to my Home & Native Land and post the art highlights. Enjoy the last few days of August, wherever you are.

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