This has been one of those ever unfolding works although I feel it is near completion. What is Indra’s Net or Web? In Buddhist teaching, all things are interwoven or “interbeing” and each individual “thing” is supported by each other thing. In this painting we see humanity, symbolized by the two female figures, emerging from the Earth, our physical home. Our place in the Universe seen from a scientific perspective is that each one of us is a tiny human in a vast impersonal mechanical cosmos. Is that true? If you go outside in a clear night and look up at the Milky Way what do you actually experience? Are you a tiny “thing”? Or are you clear open capacity for all those stars? Check to see, don’t take my word for it. In some mysterious way we contain all. Zen calls it the One Mind which is No-mind. So in the painting, the two women are shown larger than the various earths, because each of us contains the whole. The background pattern represents the interconnectedness aspect. There are several Earths because we each have our own vision of reality. Which is correct? Mine or yours?

Indra's Net