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Zen Master Yanguan said to his attendant: “Bring me the rhinoceros fan.” The attendant replied: “The rhinoceros fan is broken.” The master said: “Then bring me the rhinoceros!”

For no reason this rhinoceros emerged from my mind today and the virtual darkness gave way to light and form.

Creating the Muse

The Muse can sometimes visit when you least expect her. So I always have a set of pens and pencils with me. Even as a primarily digital artist I find sketching so fulfilling. Some of my sketches get scanned and become full paintings while some get visited in the future as I leaf through old sketch books. Always wonderful to see work created decades ago. It shows what progress I’ve made but most, important for my soul, the pure expression of that moment in space/ time. 

I feel that I could spend most of my days creating new works, painting, painting, painting. The muse seems to always be close by, available, whispering, sometimes shouting in my ear. Unfortunately other matters hold priority right now. I’m working on my new Astrology and Tarot website and that’s a very slow process. I wish the muse would visit me more frequently over there.

If you are an artist I suggest to you that your job is to invite the Muse, before anything. What does she/ he look like? What is her preferred medium? When is he/ she happiest? Is it when you start something, or when you are finished? Get to know that part of you and the muse will remain close, always ready to inspire and uplift you. I have a close friend, a psychotherapist that tells me “You must paint and give voice to the joy in your soul, otherwise an important part of you gets shut down. If ignored for too long it will make you unhappy, and you, in forgetfulness of the Muse, will not know why you are feeling so low.”

Oh inspiration, goddess of all beauty and creativity within, please stay close. Let me always be in tune with your light and color and give form to your formless true being.  


Light and Dark

This painting grew out of a painful place. I was trying to see through a darkness surrounding another person, but I realized the dark fog was within me. So here we see the dance between self and other, light and dark, right and wrong, night and day.

Dance Right or Wrong 9