Two Hearts becoming One

This painting evolved while I was experiencing a growing love relationship. There were many aspects to the relationship which pointed to a very fulfilling and complete merging. As time went on our love grew and deepened, and we are now experiencing a very pure essence of love that has elements of both passion and purity, eros and agape.

According to A. H. Almass, founder of the transpersonal psychology school, Ridhwan, or Diamond Heart, there are several levels of love essence. One is called Merging Love: “When you know and experience your Essence, you can allow yourself to experience merging love with another person; you don’t feel the need for barriers between you and the other. When you feel your own beingness and the beingness of the other, it is possible for them to become one. When there is no issue of me and you, of boundaries and separation, then there is no issue of us as One. Merging love creates a state with no barriers. There are no barriers drawn between you and anyone or anything, between you and your body, your surroundings, the whole universe. You are merged with the All. This kind of love is one of the most difficult for people to experience in love relationships even though it is exactly what they say they want.”

“Most conflicts in love relationships are about merging love. “How close can I be with you? I don’t want to be too close, but I don’t want to be too far away either.” Or “ When I get too close, then suddenly I feel vulnerable and want to create more distance.” This dance of closeness and separation are of the personality. Issues of closeness and distance will attempt to block merging love . When you are in your beingness, it doesn’t matter how close or how far you are. Your boundaries are overflowing and melting away. When your boundary comes close to the warmth of the other person, it just melts.” – A. H. Almaas – Diamond Heart, volume 2

This painting is available as a limited edition archival quality print, numbered 1 to 50, size: approx. 24″ x 18” for $200 Cdn. The “Inglis” Logo will be reduced to a small size and placed in the lower left corner of the painting. Shipping within North America is $40 Cdn. Please send me an e-mail via my website to order. The image has not been posted to the site yet.  Thank you for your interest in my work.