This, my latest drawing, is Iduna, Norse goddess of immortality. She carried her magic apples, containing the elixir of eternal youth, wherever she went. She bestowed the gift of Eternal youth upon Odin, Freya, and the other Norse gods and goddesses.

Created in May 2023 with a Wacom pen and Corel Painter 2019, this drawing has a background of interwoven circles, uniting all the different elements. This is symbolic of the inherent unity of all phenomena. The dove emerging from Iduna’s hair symbolizes tranquility and the chalice represents Agape, pure spiritual love. The Rune on the cup stands for god or goddess and represents the essence of spirit, soul, true nature.

As I get older I sometimes reflect on my own mortality and the nature of time and timelessness. Zen teaches us that all of space and time is Here and Now. Also that our True Nature was never born and cannot perish. Can we experience such a realm? Obviously many people will not inquire deeply into the matters. Why not?

In creating this drawing I was extremely focused, drawing each line carefully and precisely. I have a slight tremor in my right thumb which causes wavy lines if I hold the pen in the customary way. I have to constantly be aware of how I’m holding the digital pen in order to create smooth lines. This forces me to let go of extraneous thoughts while working. It becomes a meditation: the mind becomes very clear and at the same time acutely aware in the present moment. This is the true gift of Immortality.

This is low resolution copy. High resolution version available as a signed limited edition print. Please PM me for prices.

Iduna, Goddess of Immortality