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LionHeart Three

What makes one paint a particular subject? I believe it is both complex and simple. In the case of this work, I wanted to do something based on the Guennol Lioness sculpture, dating back to 3000 BC Iran. I saw a photo of the sculpture in one of my art books and was captivated by it. The idea had been rattling around in my creative brain for at least a year, but I wasn’t sure how to render it. The sculpture is very simple yet powerful. How to create a 2D painting that had the same qualities yet retained a sense of originality and modernity?

Then I stumbled upon this story of the sale at Sotheby’s for $57 Million dollars, the most money ever paid for a sculpture! Amazing. You can copy this link into your browser and read the story with three high resolution photos of this beautiful and powerful piece of ancient art.

This work is probably a progressing one, as it feels incomplete. I often will spend time re-rendering my digital paintings and saving many versions until I hit on the right one. This process can unfold over long periods of time.

Recently I was looking at astrological charts and realized that Mars was returning to Leo, where it was at my birth time. The energy was there to paint a Lion figure, part of my personal mythology. I felt that the Lion needed to be male, as am I, so I added a mane. The golden color represents nobility, an attribute of the lion and of the sign Leo. My idea was to keep it simple….gold on black or maybe deep, dark blue. Black won the toss. The most recent version is available as LionHeart Eight on this blog. MyArtistEgo thanks you.

Why can’t I do something original?

Why can’t I bring myself to paint now? I have many ideas rolling around and have already finished my new/ old piece called Indra’s Net. I need to lock myself in my studio for a couple of days and start & stick to something meaningful, rather than the same old twaddle. I have a new monitor, which is great, so why not create on this virtual space, which longs to be filled with beauty. My soul cries out to express itself. So this is my commitment to you, whoever and wherever you are……I will paint again. Not for my artist ego but for something nameless and clear and infinite within. So be it.

Work in Progress

I am working on a new piece called Indra’s Web which is a reflection on our connection with the earth and all life. Will be posting version 5 soon. Stay tuned. Am digging deep for inspiration from the muse, since I am really needing to paint these days. I think my new home, Vancouver, BC is inspiring me as well and there may be something of mountains, ocean, giant trees in my new work.


My website has been reborn from the rubble. It was sold as part of a group by the original hosting company. A very nasty bit of business. I was not informed nor asked and suddenly the child of my creative energy was on a server owned by someone who I didn’t know. My e-mails and calls went unanswered for days, weeks. I decided to go with a larger hosting company and set up the transfer, paying them for a year and for the transfer of data base and files. Then……they told me they only host Linux, not Windows based sites!? WTF?

After wrangling with them for a week or so they refunded my money. So I went to a large international hosting company who shall remain nameless to protect the incompetent.

They said “sure we can do all that…transfer and host and SEO….whatever you need. OK lets go for it. Two months later my site is still not functioning and half of the images and text is possibly vanished into the ether >>>>>

Eventually I had to go to the original designer and after much more back and forth he got the passwords and fixed the site. It was a simple thing after all and only took him a half hour. Something to do with the flash galleries and the links between them and individual paintings…!
I have been feeling so worn down by the whole process of calling and calling the inept and incompetent tech people that work for this company. I had almost given up at one point. However perseverance prevailed and I now have a site and can start to refer clients and potential customers here in the Vancouver BC area. Being back here after an absence of 17 years is absolutely wondrous. I hope to receive some inspiration from the great natural beauty and positive energy here. Painting will flow.

Please visit my new/ old site via the link on the right Art by Inglis. Savor the journey!

Still Alive

Still alive….on the Road…..driving across continent to live in my favorite city in the world. Will be back bloggin soon.

Albayde Original

Here is the original face detail from the painting “Albayde” by Alexandre Cabanel. You can see the subtle changes in the nose, lips and eyes which I re-created in my own tribute version (previous post). My next post will feature a full version of the new painting. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest in my work. Please visit my website, linked at the right.

Albayde by Cabanel

Albayde by Inglis

I have been compelled to re-imagine another master work, this time its Albayde by Alexandre Cabanel. I spent many hours reworking the face. Whether its an improvement or not, who can say? I found it interesting that Cabanel and I share some astrological similarities. Maybe he wouldn’t mind my re-envisioning his work. This is a close up of the face. Next post will feature the whole piece. I mostly work with Corel Painter, using blenders and airbrushes, working over the surface many times to get just the right look.

Beauty within

What is beauty and can it exist as an inner state regardless of outer conditions?

I have noticed a lot of interest in my re-creation of Waterhouse’s Boreas painting. That work, both the original and my version, seems to have an elusive quality that we could call beauty. But without the relative value judgement of the observer what can we point to and call beautiful? Some are enamored of the giant chrome plated balloon dogs of Jeff Koons. I find such overblown stuff, placed in the Palace at Versaille to give it a “touch of irony”, ludicrous to say the least. However, as the French say: “Chacun a son gout.” Each person defines beauty in their own way. I was recently told that one of my works in the Up Against the Wall series was quite beautiful by a prominent local artist. My Artist Ego got quite pumped at hearing this. “Wow” I thought, “That was a real compliment.” I received other kudos from patrons at the gallery where the work was on show, but no one bought the piece. I priced it quite low as a kind of experiment to see if it would sell. No dice. My AE (artist ego) at least had the balm of hearing the word beautiful at least once.

So what is beauty? A transpersonal psychologist who goes by the name of A. H. Almaas says that beauty is a substance or an essential quality that we can all experience within ourselves if we look deeply and let go of the chatter of thoughts and surface emotions. He claims that this essence is what truly illumines our world, and that without this subjective state we would not experience beauty outside of ourselves. Having spent many years in meditation practices, I have come to realize that there is some truth to this.

I feel that, as an artist, there seems to be a certain “something” that wants to express itself through my work….I suppose it could be called beauty, although that over-used word seems inadequate somehow.

I am enchanted by the female form in its many manifestations, old and young, large and small, “ugly” and “beautiful”. Human faces especially, are all fascinating and radiate a certain quality of beingness. So beauty could also be understood as an absolute quality, transcending the ordinary everyday definition. Can we ever really define it? Perhaps not. Can we feel it….I would answer with a resounding “Yay”. As Bob Dylan once wrote in the song Shelter from the Storm…..”Beauty walks a razors edge, someday I’ll make it mine”. Thanks for reading the ArtistEgo.

2010 in review

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Christ Illuminated

I have seen many “portraits” of Jesus Christ and most of them leave me cold. Some are dark and emphasize his suffering. Some are too “fluffy” and depict a very effeminate person. The most famous and best selling one is by Warner Sallman, which shows a masculine but compassionate face, in partial profile. That one most people recognize immediately. Definitely not Blackbeard the Pirate!

I wanted to portray a man who is awakened to his Divine Nature, who is in a blissful state of union with the Godhead. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate both a modern and ancient style in the painting. The illuminated background and the gold colors give it a medieval look, while the bold line around the face provides a contemporary graphic element. The eyes are the focal point here and I wanted to capture a feeling of joy and wonder, a transcendent rapture.

This work is not yet posted for sale on my website but if you send me an e-mail via the site’s contact page I can send you a giclee print, custom sized to your specifications. See blog roll for web link.

Jesus Christ Illuminated

Christ Illuminated