Inglis Core Logo

I would like to officially set the record straight on my use of the apple core in my logo. It began in 1968 when I did a pencil of a very beautiful young woman I had met in Yorkville village, Toronto. I was experimenting with the “I” in Inglis and wanted to do something catchy. I think the Beatles had already done their apple thingy so it was post Beatles. But this one and the full sketch I did in 1973 was definitely pre Apple corporation. If you want to see the pretty lady go to the link at bottom of this page and look in the portrait gallery, first thumbnail. Then if you want to download a larger freebie simply click the link “purchase in store”. No, you won’t have to buy anything, Its the non-flash image in a slightly larger format.

All that said I want to hold forth on what this little Apple-y Core signifies for me. You probably know that an apple represents knowlede of good and evil in Genesis, first book of the Bible. I am not a Christian in traditional sense and this isn’t the place for religious debate on morality tales. However, I have been practicing Zen or Chan meditation for 35 years. Zen aims at actually experiencing the realm beyond concepts, such as good and bad, self and other, birth and death. Hence the symbol of the applecore being gradually eaten away. Letting go of deeply held concepts take time.

The other meaning to consider here is that of the “I” process, or the seeing into the emptiness of the self concept. The “I” in Inglis is also slowly returning to no-thingness. The core is disappearing, yet there is no core, no apple, no I. Whoa, radical. Yet this has profound significance for my life.

My new Chan teacher says there are two basic approaches to life and to meditation. One is from “Self centered, discriminating attachment” (the I, Me, Mine approach) and the other is from Pure Awareness”. These are his exact words. Pure awareness is very real and can actually be experienced, folks. Yup, its about that which is reading these words right now. Point here instead of there and you will see no-thing, no face, no label. Not even a logo. Here you and I are One, vast and clear and absolutely free!

I hope this gives you a taste of the importance of my choice of Logo, or Brand. It will also be seen on my new astrology website, soon seen on all great browsers everywhere. Thanks for visiting My Artist Ego. My illusory ego is temporarily stoked and thanks you.