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Zen Master Yanguan said to his attendant: “Bring me the rhinoceros fan.” The attendant replied: “The rhinoceros fan is broken.” The master said: “Then bring me the rhinoceros!”

For no reason this rhinoceros emerged from my mind today and the virtual darkness gave way to light and form.


Awaken Six

This is one of many mandalas from the Ajalon show (see previous 2 posts). It symbolizes awakening to Pure Awareness or enlightenment in the Zen sense. The circular pattern was “hand” drawn using a CAD program, then the linework was enhanced with Corel Draw, then hand colored with Corel Painter 10. Who knows how many hours went into this one. Hundreds. A high definition digital copy on a CD for your monitor or a high resolution giclee print, any size, of this beautiful mandala can be ordered if you contact me through my website at http://www.artbyinglis.com Of course, the Inglis logo will be much reduced.

Awaken by Yes ~ Ajalon cover

Well its been a year and a half since this show but the memory is still clear as day. I am in the back of the beautiful old theater in Gettysburg running my digital paintings created especially for this show….176 in all, sequenced to the music. Onstage are my friends. Ajalon, progressive rock group extrordinaire, playing Awaken by Yes as their encore. One of the most amazing pieces of truly spiritual prog rock music ever created. The shivers go down my spine as Johnathan Sindelman starts the opening arpeggios. Then Jennifer Newberry’s clear voice is heard….”high vibrations go on”. And so it begins. Well, enjoy it for yourself. Part 2 above. Yes, I will do more of this kind of work. If you are a musician of any genre and are interested in a dialog, please contact me through my website athttp://www.artbyinglis.com. Thanks.

Albayde Original

Here is the original face detail from the painting “Albayde” by Alexandre Cabanel. You can see the subtle changes in the nose, lips and eyes which I re-created in my own tribute version (previous post). My next post will feature a full version of the new painting. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest in my work. Please visit my website, linked at the right.

Albayde by Cabanel

Here are the commonly known facts about this painting, found online at http://www.jwwaterhouse.com

The reappearance of Waterhouse’s Boreas in the saleroom in the mid 1990s caused a sensation as it had been lost for 90 years. Called Boreas after the north wind in Greek mythology, the work shows a young girl in a windswept landscape. In 1904 the Royal Academy notes described the subject as: “In wind-blown draperies of slate-colour and blue, a girl passes through a spring landscape accented by pink blossom and daffodils”. Since then, the picture’s whereabouts have been unknown and it was referred to as “lost” in Anthony Hobson’s 1989 biography of Waterhouse.

The painting was sold for £848,500 ($1,293,962) – the record price for a Waterhouse at the time.

After putting hundreds of hours into re-imagining this painting I have decided to offer it for sale as a limited edition print in much higher resolution for $200 Cdn. I will sell the full painting or this cropped one. This decision was made after seeing an “original” oil by someone in Vietnam for $500 a month ago. Please contact me via my website at http://www.artbyinglis.com if you are interested in purchasing a print.  I would like to connect with anyone who is doing digital restoration of any of the old masters paintings. The implications of this kind of work may be far reaching. This is very demanding work, requiring great attention to details of color and texture, so as to retain the sense of the original while removing the flaws of time.

Boreas recreated by Inglis

Boreas by Waterhouse part three

Here is the new face, painstakingly recreated in Corel Painter, using mostly the blender brushes and airbrush variants. I used the lasso tool to give the face a sharper outline against the dark blue of the sleeve. Also repainted the daffodil, giving it more definition.
I gave the skin a golden tone, in contrast with the cooler blues and grays of the dress and shawl. This area of the painting gets a more detailed treatment, whereas the background remains more impressionistic, as Waterhouse originally painted it. The next post is the whole painting with all my changes. Its important to know when to stop with such a project.

Boreas re-imagined

Boreas by Waterhouse part one

I have become obsessed by a painting…Boreas (the North Wind) by John William Waterhouse. So much so that I have been repainting it digitally, restoring the cracked areas, and giving it a new look. I also have reworked the face to make it look stronger and more sensuous. So far I have spent many hours on this project, with no hope of reward or compensation or of many people even seeing it. Why? I honestly don’t know. The next few posts will document the changing painting: from the original which i downloaded to the final version, which I will be framing and hanging on my wall at home. Stay tuned.

Boreas re-created

Hibiscus Flowers

Here’s a gift for spring….a painting based on a photo I took on our front porch last summer. I hope you enjoy it. For a large archival signed print of this painting please contact me through the website http://www.artbyinglis.com Spring has come early to Rochester this year and we are having the nicest March in memory. I will soon be out photographing the floral glory.

Pink Hibiscus Flowers!

Painting based on a photo taken last year on our front porch