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Boreas by Waterhouse part four

Here is the full painting with the background slightly altered, but retaining Waterhouse’s impressionist brushwork. The face is re-createded to make it stronger and more sensuous. Waterhouse’s original face is washed out and fragile looking (see Boreas part Three). The oil paint is badly cracked. I reworked the upper areas of the shawl to create more of a feeling of flow and movement. Of course I left his signature intact in the lower left corner. I spent hundreds of hours on this re-creation as a labour of love, making it available for download. However, in Oct 2011 I visited a gallery in Vancouver where they have a poorly done “original oil” painted by someone in Vietnam. Its price was approximately $500. As of Nov 2011, I have decided to make this version available for sale as a high resolution archival print for $200. Please visit my online gallery at http://www.artbyinglis.com and send me an e-mail if you are interested in a print. Any size less than 48″ wide can be printed.  Link to the site on the bottom of this page.

Boreas, the North Wind, recreated by Inglis

Boreas by Waterhouse part three

Here is the new face, painstakingly recreated in Corel Painter, using mostly the blender brushes and airbrush variants. I used the lasso tool to give the face a sharper outline against the dark blue of the sleeve. Also repainted the daffodil, giving it more definition.
I gave the skin a golden tone, in contrast with the cooler blues and grays of the dress and shawl. This area of the painting gets a more detailed treatment, whereas the background remains more impressionistic, as Waterhouse originally painted it. The next post is the whole painting with all my changes. Its important to know when to stop with such a project.

Boreas re-imagined