I just returned from a three day Chan (Zen) retreat on Vancouver Island and today is my processing day. I can feel the creative energy beginning to build from the retreat and will be doing some marketing work tomorrow as well as sending off some prints to another happy customer. If you are an artist my advice is the more clarity you have in your mind, the better your art will be. I understand that much art flows from angst and pain. I am talking about a different level of functioning here. Pure awareness is what we are made of. That needs to come up and find form if you are really an artist. Its very simple and has nothing to do with the needs of the ego. Pure awareness gives rise to both the ego self and all forms in the world. Yes this can be experienced, not just conceptualized. When you put your digital pen or your brush to canvas or screen, something miraculous is happening! The big question is “Do you see it?” or are you busy making other plans while you paint. Many speak of being in the moment these days, but how many really are? Being in each moment of creation is nothing but the blazing clear light of timeless awareness. That’s all. I have nothing more to say on this.