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What does it mean to sell your art? Are you happy that someone liked it enough to send you money? At least you are past poor Vincent. You’ve sold something while still alive. Is there a deep feeling of satisfaction? Do you allow yourself time to let any of that feeling sink in or are you on to the next thing? Try staying with that feeling of accomplishment for a few minutes or a day or a week. Experience it. It is a part of you, regardless of what you accomplish..

Not selling my work bothers me on an ego level but on the absolute level it is nothing at all really, no… really. I often do have the urge to reach out, to communicate, to say something meaningful. I love seeing the map on google analytics that shows where people are that view my site. That’s real communication, since a lot of them don’t even speak my language.

I recently sold a large print and several smaller ones from my website and shipped them off today. I know that this particular buyer sees some of my work as visual depictions of her inner spiritual experiences. My prints will hang on her wall for the rest of her life. This brings a deep sense of connection with the buyer. Satisfaction arises. Stay with it, its OK. Connecting, Oneness, this is the essence of my art.

I have been riding a wave of energy lately and am wanting to put that energy to work.When I launched my art website three years ago I wanted to reach out to people and connect with others on a spiritual level, not just sell prints to corporate art buyers. I have found many people looking and downloading free copies for their virtual art collections but not many buyers of my prints. I have recently ramped up my output on this blog and created a facebook page as well. The facebook page is a little more personal than the blog and may eventually serve as a source of potential buyers. I have no works in brick and mortar galleries at this time. I participated in some group shows in Rochester, NY during my years of living there. With my recent move to Vancouver, I plan to get out and connect with local galleries. In the meantime I am also upgrading my SEO (site optimization) for the main website in an attempt to generate more viewers. Keywords will be changed and content will be modified. I am planning to add a spiritual surrealism gallery as well, since some of my recent best work falls into that category. MyArtistEgo thanks you for visiting.

Indra’s Net

This has been one of those ever unfolding works although I feel it is near completion. What is Indra’s Net or Web? In Buddhist teaching, all things are interwoven or “interbeing” and each individual “thing” is supported by each other thing. In this painting we see humanity, symbolized by the two female figures, emerging from the Earth, our physical home. Our place in the Universe seen from a scientific perspective is that each one of us is a tiny human in a vast impersonal mechanical cosmos. Is that true? If you go outside in a clear night and look up at the Milky Way what do you actually experience? Are you a tiny “thing”? Or are you clear open capacity for all those stars? Check to see, don’t take my word for it. In some mysterious way we contain all. Zen calls it the One Mind which is No-mind. So in the painting, the two women are shown larger than the various earths, because each of us contains the whole. The background pattern represents the interconnectedness aspect. There are several Earths because we each have our own vision of reality. Which is correct? Mine or yours?

Indra's Net