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My Artist Ego Reborn

What does it mean to be a digital artist in these times of online galleries, NFT art, Beeple selling paintings for millions, 3-D art, Ethereum, Binance, and heavy competition? Many are in it for the fame & glory, the dream/hope of making millions overnight. This is one side of the coin: the extreme focus on the material, rather than the esthetic, value of art. 

On the other side, what does it mean to make art for the shear joy of it? Creativity for creativity’s sake. That has always been my chief goal. Channeling the muse; giving form to the impulse; the painting painting itself. As I get older, my creativity has not diminished, rather it is growing exponentially as new opportunities arise. I have more creative ideas than I will ever have time to see to fruition.

I have been sharing my work on Facebook for free for the past 9 years. Having thousands see these paintings is, in itself, very rewarding. This is the pure communicative aspect of art. Art is primarily a form of communication, even if its just communicating with yourself.

There are more analog and digital artists out there today than ever before. They are painting, drawing, printing, modeling, cartooning, animating! Just look at the number of art websites…..staggeringly stupendous!  We are all finding new ways of expression and just beginning to tap into our multi-faceted muses.     

Digital artists have been unlocking new doors for more than twenty years. We are creating today’s art, tomorrows art, and we will not go away. We are creating Eternal Art! Few are talking about this aspect of art lasting forever.

I personally started working with Corel Painter in 1999. It was an infinite expansion of possibilities! An interesting anecdote:  In 2002 I approached a prosperous looking gallery in Seattle with some of my work and the owner said, disdainfully, “I am not the least bit interested in digital art!” In retrospect it was ironically humorous! That gallery has long since disappeared, and millions of online galleries have appeared. Artists are making money without the limitations and costs of brick and mortar galleries. Exciting!

At this point I would like reiterate my artist’s statement:  “Art is the lifeblood of civilization! I will continue to paint until am I no longer able. My primary goal is to give expression to a more transcendent view of life and reality. Another is to bring beauty into people’s lives. My art will last forever in its original form, without loss of color or degradation of material.”

Title: Mars in Leo. Mythic, symbolic, astrological, digital art. As planet Mars makes its return to my natal Mars position, the creative energy is flowing like never before. I am in process of preparing 130 paintings to be sold as NFT’s.

NFT art is here to stay. Finally digital artists have a golden opportunity to sell our work and be compensated for numberless hours of work. Exciting! Stay tuned for more blogs about the process. Please follow my blog for ideas on creating and minting NFT art, artist as self and the role of ego, why we create, the role of art in current society, much more.

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Awaken Six

This is one of many mandalas from the Ajalon show (see previous 2 posts). It symbolizes awakening to Pure Awareness or enlightenment in the Zen sense. The circular pattern was “hand” drawn using a CAD program, then the linework was enhanced with Corel Draw, then hand colored with Corel Painter 10. Who knows how many hours went into this one. Hundreds. A high definition digital copy on a CD for your monitor or a high resolution giclee print, any size, of this beautiful mandala can be ordered if you contact me through my website at http://www.artbyinglis.com Of course, the Inglis logo will be much reduced.

Indra’s Net

This has been one of those ever unfolding works although I feel it is near completion. What is Indra’s Net or Web? In Buddhist teaching, all things are interwoven or “interbeing” and each individual “thing” is supported by each other thing. In this painting we see humanity, symbolized by the two female figures, emerging from the Earth, our physical home. Our place in the Universe seen from a scientific perspective is that each one of us is a tiny human in a vast impersonal mechanical cosmos. Is that true? If you go outside in a clear night and look up at the Milky Way what do you actually experience? Are you a tiny “thing”? Or are you clear open capacity for all those stars? Check to see, don’t take my word for it. In some mysterious way we contain all. Zen calls it the One Mind which is No-mind. So in the painting, the two women are shown larger than the various earths, because each of us contains the whole. The background pattern represents the interconnectedness aspect. There are several Earths because we each have our own vision of reality. Which is correct? Mine or yours?

Indra's Net

Albayde Original

Here is the original face detail from the painting “Albayde” by Alexandre Cabanel. You can see the subtle changes in the nose, lips and eyes which I re-created in my own tribute version (previous post). My next post will feature a full version of the new painting. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest in my work. Please visit my website, linked at the right.

Albayde by Cabanel


Who was Cleopatra and why are we so fascinated by her? Historians tell us she was not very spectacular looking but really who knows? She had two of the world’s most powerful men as lovers. There must have been something extraordinary about her. Perhaps it was her nobility. We moderns are always looking to reclaim our innate sense of nobility, our deep desire to feel that we are important and that our lives matter. We read books, go to movies, enjoy art depicting mythical and contemporary superheroes, kings and queens. We love this stuff, gobble it up. Why?
Karl Jung seemed on the right track when he said we all have archetypes within us that need to be acknowledged, perhaps to be tapped into, lived out as much as possible. We can’t really be super-beings and monarchs, but we can discover within us a part that is noble, spiritual, valuable, true and virtuous. It is our birthright.
Last spring I became fascinated with studying the birth charts of Vivien Leigh and Lawrence Olivier, their great, yet tragic, love life together and I watched some movies they made.
I wanted to portray nobility, beauty, “love”, sensuality in a portrait. All of these currents came together in this portrait of Vivien Leigh, based on a photo of her in the movie “Caesar and Cleopatra” with Claude Rains as Julius Caesar. A great movie it is based on George Bernard Shaw’s play of the same name.
Giclee prints available at my website http://www.artbyinglis.com

Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra

Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra