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My Artist Ego Reborn

What does it mean to be a digital artist in these times of online galleries, NFT art, Beeple selling paintings for millions, 3-D art, Ethereum, Binance, and heavy competition? Many are in it for the fame & glory, the dream/hope of making millions overnight. This is one side of the coin: the extreme focus on the material, rather than the esthetic, value of art. 

On the other side, what does it mean to make art for the shear joy of it? Creativity for creativity’s sake. That has always been my chief goal. Channeling the muse; giving form to the impulse; the painting painting itself. As I get older, my creativity has not diminished, rather it is growing exponentially as new opportunities arise. I have more creative ideas than I will ever have time to see to fruition.

I have been sharing my work on Facebook for free for the past 9 years. Having thousands see these paintings is, in itself, very rewarding. This is the pure communicative aspect of art. Art is primarily a form of communication, even if its just communicating with yourself.

There are more analog and digital artists out there today than ever before. They are painting, drawing, printing, modeling, cartooning, animating! Just look at the number of art websites…..staggeringly stupendous!  We are all finding new ways of expression and just beginning to tap into our multi-faceted muses.     

Digital artists have been unlocking new doors for more than twenty years. We are creating today’s art, tomorrows art, and we will not go away. We are creating Eternal Art! Few are talking about this aspect of art lasting forever.

I personally started working with Corel Painter in 1999. It was an infinite expansion of possibilities! An interesting anecdote:  In 2002 I approached a prosperous looking gallery in Seattle with some of my work and the owner said, disdainfully, “I am not the least bit interested in digital art!” In retrospect it was ironically humorous! That gallery has long since disappeared, and millions of online galleries have appeared. Artists are making money without the limitations and costs of brick and mortar galleries. Exciting!

At this point I would like reiterate my artist’s statement:  “Art is the lifeblood of civilization! I will continue to paint until am I no longer able. My primary goal is to give expression to a more transcendent view of life and reality. Another is to bring beauty into people’s lives. My art will last forever in its original form, without loss of color or degradation of material.”

Title: Mars in Leo. Mythic, symbolic, astrological, digital art. As planet Mars makes its return to my natal Mars position, the creative energy is flowing like never before. I am in process of preparing 130 paintings to be sold as NFT’s.

NFT art is here to stay. Finally digital artists have a golden opportunity to sell our work and be compensated for numberless hours of work. Exciting! Stay tuned for more blogs about the process. Please follow my blog for ideas on creating and minting NFT art, artist as self and the role of ego, why we create, the role of art in current society, much more.

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Next Blog: Eternal Art?!

LionHeart Eight


Evolving through time

This piece still interests me and it will continue to evolve. Here is the most recent version with a brighter gold for the central lion and a deep grey-red for the closest one. I also gave more form to the hands clasping at the solar plexus, seat of inner heat and power. Also the hands are close to the warmth of the heart center.  These kind of mythic images are deep in our racial consciousness. Our ancient ancestors dreamed of assimilating the strength and  inner power of the great cats. This painting is modern, having been created digitally, and ancient, being related to a 3000 year old sculpture. I often listen to electronic music while painting, and that is the connection to the future for me. So past, present and future are brought to a single, simple archetypal image. Time is collapsed. LionHeart lives.

LionHeart Three

What makes one paint a particular subject? I believe it is both complex and simple. In the case of this work, I wanted to do something based on the Guennol Lioness sculpture, dating back to 3000 BC Iran. I saw a photo of the sculpture in one of my art books and was captivated by it. The idea had been rattling around in my creative brain for at least a year, but I wasn’t sure how to render it. The sculpture is very simple yet powerful. How to create a 2D painting that had the same qualities yet retained a sense of originality and modernity?

Then I stumbled upon this story of the sale at Sotheby’s for $57 Million dollars, the most money ever paid for a sculpture! Amazing. You can copy this link into your browser and read the story with three high resolution photos of this beautiful and powerful piece of ancient art.


This work is probably a progressing one, as it feels incomplete. I often will spend time re-rendering my digital paintings and saving many versions until I hit on the right one. This process can unfold over long periods of time.

Recently I was looking at astrological charts and realized that Mars was returning to Leo, where it was at my birth time. The energy was there to paint a Lion figure, part of my personal mythology. I felt that the Lion needed to be male, as am I, so I added a mane. The golden color represents nobility, an attribute of the lion and of the sign Leo. My idea was to keep it simple….gold on black or maybe deep, dark blue. Black won the toss. The most recent version is available as LionHeart Eight on this blog. MyArtistEgo thanks you.

Boreas by Waterhouse part three

Here is the new face, painstakingly recreated in Corel Painter, using mostly the blender brushes and airbrush variants. I used the lasso tool to give the face a sharper outline against the dark blue of the sleeve. Also repainted the daffodil, giving it more definition.
I gave the skin a golden tone, in contrast with the cooler blues and grays of the dress and shawl. This area of the painting gets a more detailed treatment, whereas the background remains more impressionistic, as Waterhouse originally painted it. The next post is the whole painting with all my changes. Its important to know when to stop with such a project.

Boreas re-imagined

Karl Jung Portrait

Karl Jung Portrait

Forever Jung#mce_temp_url#

I have been thinking a lot about Karl Jung lately, especially after seeing the fantastic illustrations in his newly published “Red Book” which has caused ripples in many realms other than that of psychology.
Creating the book apparently led Jung to reformulate how he worked with his analytical patients. One especially profound example appeared in a self-published book written by a former client, in which she recalls Jung’s advice for processing what went on in the deeper and sometimes frightening parts of her mind.
“I should advise you to put it all down as beautifully as you can–in some beautifully bound book,” Jung instructed her. “It will seem as if you were making the visions banal–but then you need to do that–then you are freed from the power of them. . . . Then when these things are in some precious book you can go to the book & turn over the pages & for you it will be your church–your cathedral–the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal. If anyone tells you that it is morbid or neurotic and you listen to them–then you will lose your soul–for in that book is your soul.”
I would add that in my own life I have experienced a symbolic journey of the spirit from self to no-self, from form to emptiness and back to form. Meditation, therapy, journaling, painting and my work with Tarot & Astrology are all interwoven in my own sacred “book”.
Here is a recent painting composed of hundreds of abstract shapes in various colors that are distinctly different from skin tones. I like to think that Jung must have had moments of joy and I wanted to portray that feeling in this work.