Well its been a year and a half since this show but the memory is still clear as day. I am in the back of the beautiful old theater in Gettysburg running my digital paintings created especially for this show….176 in all, sequenced to the music. Onstage are my friends. Ajalon, progressive rock group extrordinaire, playing Awaken by Yes as their encore. One of the most amazing pieces of truly spiritual prog rock music ever created. The shivers go down my spine as Johnathan Sindelman starts the opening arpeggios. Then Jennifer Newberry’s clear voice is heard….”high vibrations go on”. And so it begins. Well, enjoy it for yourself. Part 2 above. Yes, I will do more of this kind of work. If you are a musician of any genre and are interested in a dialog, please contact me through my website athttp://www.artbyinglis.com. Thanks.