Homage to Rene Magritte

This is on the heels of the previous post relating to my choice of artist brand or logo. In the Asian art tradition it is customary to create a stamp to go on each print or original. work. The Inglis apple core logo is my digital stamp or “chop.” I created this work before my website got launched in Nov ’08, over three years ago. The idea behind the title “Homage to Rene Magritte” was to honour a man who amazed me with his work as far back as the Sixties. Yes I do actually remember the 60’s. Having read through Taschen’s excellent book on Magritte I came to realize that he had a vision of realtiy that was very plastic, and very childlike in the best sense. Yes, a train could emerge from a fireplace. It could really rain bowler hatted men. And a single apple could eclipse a room. Depends on the position and perspective of the observer. He had a very Zen-like view of reality, although I doubt he would want to put any label like “Zen” on his work. I’m not sure he even liked the term surrealism. His painting of a pipe, titled “This is not a pipe” completely rips off all the labels. As Frank Zappa once sang “Lick my decals off, baby.” Right on Frank and Rene and ┬áZen, too. Because the great Chan (zen) teachers, in their infinite compassion and deep wisdom really want us to let go of all concepts, to see the shining non-relative completeness of everything.

So this is my humble attempt to do something Magritte-esque (another label, non?) A rain of apple cores. If you visit the website you will se an animated version of this work. Enjoy. And please, whatever you do, don’t label it good or bad.

If you are interested in the deeper significance of the choice of an apple core for my artist logo please see the previous post: Inglis, Ego and the Applecore Logo. Thanks for showing up on MyArtistEgo.